The Cake Lady

Delivery & Multiple Flavor Policies

 Free delivery is offered to orders over $50 and within 15 miles of Circleville. All other orders will be charged $2.00 per mile, including orders in Circleville if they are less than $50 based on distance from our address.

More than two flavors of cake and/or fillings will be subject to an additional charge. Amount to be determined by total number of flavors selected.

Party Cakes

 Single Layer Sheet Cakes
9x13 starts at $40 serves 30-39
11x15 starts at $50 serves 41-55
12x18 starts at $60 serves 54-72
15x22  starts at $75 serves 82-110

Start at $15 per dozen, 1 dz. single flavor minimum order

Sculpted or Tiered Party Cakes
Start at $2 per serving and up, based on design of cake

Double Layer Party Cakes
6 in. round starts at $25 serves 10-12
8 in. round starts at $30 serves 20
10 in. round starts at $35.00 serves 28
12 in. round starts at $45.00 serves 40


* serving amounts based on standard serving size of 1.5"x2" to 2"x2". If you cut larger or smaller slices, your serving amounts will differ.

Wedding Cakes

 Tiered Cakes

A basic buttercream cake starts at $3.00 per serving

Fondant starts at $3.25 per serving

Cupcakes start at $15 per dozen for basic iced cupcakes. 

Sculpted cakes, handmade flowers/decorations and intricate designs are individually priced based on time, materials and skill needed.

  Sheet Cakes or Kitchen Cakes

two-layer serving amounts based on standard wedding serving sizes of 1"x2"x4"


9x13 serves 58 $70

11x15 serves 82 $95

12x18 serves 108 $120

15x22 serves 165 $175


A non-refundable deposit of 50% applies to all wedding cake orders and rush orders (less than two weeks notice). A refundable deposit of 50% is required for all orders over $50 and all orders from first time customers. Refund of deposit can only be given on party cakes (not rush orders) if cancelled at least two weeks before event date.